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How to manage takeoffs with the folder system?
How to manage takeoffs with the folder system?

How to manage takeoffs with the folder system?

We know you’ve found yourself navigating a maze of takeoffs, wishing for a simpler way to organize projects that span different locations or seasons. And we’ve created just the solution for you: folders.
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What’s New?
- Custom Folder Creation: You now have the flexibility to create your folders directly in the Automeasure platform. Sort and group your takeoffs effortlessly.
- Easily Organize Portfolio Takeoffs: For those sprawling projects covering multiple properties under a single project, folders will be your new best friend for keeping everything organized.
- Duplication and Customization at Your Fingertips: Duplicate folders and requests as needed, group takeoffs for different seasons or services, such as snow management in winter or lawn care in spring in different folders.
Why You’ll Love It:
- No more sifting through bulk requests. Categorize and access your takeoffs with ease.
- Share folders with team members, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
- Need those details in a different format? Export your folder contents to Excel, PDF, or JPEG, making it simpler to review and present your data.
Gone are the days of requesting bulk folder organization from our side. With this update, the power to organize is in your hands.
Learn how to create and manage folders on's Automeasure platform for better takeoff organization.
Step 1: Click on create a new folder. 
Step 2: Give the new folder a meaningful name.
Step 3: Your folder is now created.
Step 4: Select the properties you want to group into that folder.
Step 5: Click on move to folder, then select the newly created folder.
Step 6: Notice that by selecting the folder, you can see various options
Step 7: Explore the options to share, duplicate, export, or delete the takeoffs.
Step 8: Export the folder as a PDF, Excel file, or JPEG.
That concludes the tutorial on creating and managing folders on's Automeasure platform.