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Elevate project transparency with shareable links!
Elevate project transparency with shareable links!

Elevate project transparency with shareable links!

Picture this: You're sitting across from your client, discussing the budget for the upcoming project. Now, you have a way to instantly justify your quote with concrete visuals and measurements. Use the Shareable Link feature on Back your estimates and share project details with clarity, and watch trust build in real time.
But that’s not it! Before your operations team heads out for maintenance work, you share the same link with them. Now, they have an interactive guide on what needs attention, ensuring proper execution and alignment with your client's expectations.
💡 Here’s How It Works
Intuitive Shareable Links: Generate a link with a click and share your property details, including all features and measurements. This isn’t just a link; it’s your project in a compact, interactive form.
Customized Viewing: Decide what you want to present. Toggle on or off specific property features. Plus, switch between square feet or acres as your measurement metric.
Show or Hide Measurements: Tailor what you display. Opt to showcase measurements in sq ft or keep them hidden, based on what best suits your presentation needs.
Expirable Access: Control how long your link stays active by setting an expiration date, ensuring it's accessed only for the necessary duration.
Integrated Notes for Seamless Communication: Visited a property post-measurement? Add geo-tagged notes directly to the shared link. These notes not only sync with our Attentive OnSite mobile app but also empower your crew with real-time insights.
Client Transparency Perfected: Provide clients with a comprehensive look into your work scope, ensuring clarity and building trust. Showcase features, square footage, and more to back your estimates.
💡 Enhanced Site Communication:
Optimized Internal Directives: Direct your teams with clarity. Do you need a focus only on lawns? Your shareable link is your guide, making internal communication seamless and precise. 
💡 Why Use Shareable Links?
Boosted Client Confidence: By sharing a clear breakdown of your work, you bolster client confidence and foster transparency.
Improved Operational Efficiency: Detailed, visual instructions reduce errors, ensuring that operations are swift, precise, and efficient. Share a live view of your project details with notes that have all your specific instructions without the back-and-forth.
Share project specifics, square footage calculations, and more, all in a single click!
To understand more about the Shareable Link feature and explore other ways to optimize your experience with us, don't hesitate to connect with our dedicated customer success team.