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Detail your takeoffs like never before with custom colors & patterns!
Elevate project transparency with shareable links!

Detail your takeoffs like never before with custom colors & patterns!

We know that when it comes to managing multiple takeoffs, the devil is often in the details. That's why we're excited to share some tips on how to make your project's visual presentation pop with platform features.
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What’s New
✨Introducing Patterns to Surfaces:
Our newest feature allows you to add patterns to surface areas, elevating the realism of your takeoffs. From checker patterns for pavements to custom textures for parking spots, your takeoffS can now be as detailed and realistic as you want. 
A Quick Recap Of Our Existing Visual Features
✅Change the Color of Lot Boundaries:
Ever faced the challenge of differentiating lot boundaries from a sea of similar colors? Our palette feature allows you to distinguish your lot area easily by changing its boundary color. Clarity emerges with just a few clicks, making your project's boundaries stand out.
✅Enhance Features with Custom Colors:
Green sidewalk? Blue parking spots? Your features, your rules. Now, you can personalize the color of property features directly from the platform. Adjust the look to match your unique style or to enhance contrast and visibility.
✅Adjusting Opacity and Width for Clarity:
Sometimes, you need to see what's behind the labels. Our adjustable opacity feature lets you peek through annotations to verify the actual site conditions. Plus, you can tweak the width of feature boundaries to clearly delineate specific areas like parking spots.
You can export these visual enhancements within the platform via shareable links. Soon, you’ll also be able to export it to PDF or JPEG formats. 
Stay tuned for more tips on getting the most out of your takeoff experience. If you need any help navigating these new features, our customer success team is always here to assist.